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The Luftwaffe Sprengbombe-Cylindrisch bomb is due to be detonated later

World War 2 Bomb found in North West London.

The unexploded bomb found at a building site near Wembley Stadium
A blast wall was put up around the bomb to minimise damage if it exploded

An unexploded World War Two bomb uncovered by builders near Wembley Stadium posed “a genuine risk to life”, the Army has said.

The 50kg (110lb) device was removed by a specialist Army team, so it could be safely detonated.

The bomb, thought to date from the early 1940s German air raids on London, was found on Thursday.

Homes and businesses were evacuated and the Army built a blast wall around the device in case it exploded.

The device was eventually taken away by the Royal Logistic Corps disposal teams.

Police said it would be taken to a safe area to be detonated in a controlled explosion but refused to give the exact location.

Wembley Stadium said its weekend games would go ahead including the Championship Middlesbrough v Norwich play-off on Monday.

“This weekend’s games remain unaffected and we look forward to welcoming supporters of all six Football League Play-Off finalists to Wembley”, it tweeted.

The Army said the bomb was located about 200m (656ft) away from Wembley Stadium but there was no risk to the venue. Empire Way had been partially closed and a 400m cordon was in place while bomb disposal experts dealt with the device.

The bomb was reported at about 15:00 BST on Thursday and Met Police officers said about 300 properties had been evacuated, which included the TV studio where Britain’s Got Talent is filmed.

Ch Supt Mick Gallagher, from Brent Police, said the public had been “very mature” in its response to the bomb.

He said 70 people had spent the night in an evacuation centre and more people joined them in the morning.

“I must also thank our courageous soldiers from various Army regiments for working tirelessly for over 24 hours, using their skill and experience to safely bring this incident to its conclusion,” he added.

An Army spokesman said: “This bomb is a live munition in a potentially dangerous condition so it’s important that people listen to the police and evacuate their homes if asked.

“Any bomb, even under a controlled explosion, could cause significant damage to property and there is a genuine risk to life.”

The building site in relation to Wembley Stadium
The Army said the bomb was about 200m (656ft) away from the stadium

The Met Police said it had worked with disposal experts and partner agencies “to keep disruption to local residents and businesses to an absolute minimum”, while ensuring everyone’s safety.

In March, a 250kg (550lb) bomb was found in Bermondsey, south-east London. It was safely defused and taken to Kent to be destroyed.

<<Source: BBC News>>

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